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Novalera is a dependable company with reasonable pricing. Tony has worked on my company’s computer system for a good while now and he makes sure to fix what the problem is before he leaves my office. I know when I call him he always is there the same day, my computer system has never been down, no matter what he always makes sure we are up and running, I also like the fact that I can call him and his company can log into my computer to see what the problem is and a lot of times he can fix it from there. I would recommend Novalera to anyone who needs websites,yes they also can create and maintain a website for you, computer repair, or pretty much anything for your business or personal computer.

Services Novalera Provides:

  • Managed IT
  • Office 365 Management
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Management (Register, DNS, NameServer)
  • Web Design
  • Email Management
  • Central Backup Management
  • Network Infrastructure Management
  • Social Media Management

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