eCommerce ImplementationOur Ecommerce solutions give our clients the ability to reach a global customer base. We make it easy for our clients to conduct their business on the web. Buying and selling  products or services in today’s market is a vital process for businesses to do in order to stay competitive in an ever-changing market. At Novalera, we makes it a point to sit down with our clients to understand the individual requirements of their business needs and work with them to find a suitable e-commerce solution to utilize. Whether it’s the implementation of one of our base solutions or a combination of two or more e-commerce solutions, we take the time to explain the risks and benefits to our clients about being in the e-commerce world. Novalera makes sure that all of its clients meet state and federal mandates to ensure ecommerce compliance.

Products Based

Product Based Ecommerce Solution are best utilized by small businesses that deal with the selling of various product solutions to customers. These stores can either have a physical location, such as a pet store or consignment shop, and wish to have an online presence created and established or wish to solely exist as an online presence such as Amazon.

Subscriptions Based

Providing a service that can be utilized not only once but monthly, quarterly, and even annually can assist your business in establishing a stronger presence in the consumer’s mind. By using Subscription Based E-Commerce Solutions, you will develop a solid, reliable, and returning customer base. Pandora is an example of a Subscription Based E-Commerce Solutions.

Listings Based

The need for diversity and accessibility is steadily rising in the online market. When a business chooses to provide Listings Based E-Commerce Solutions, they are able to offer their services to a much wider consumer base both nationally and internationally. Listings like this excel at creating sub-businesses that consumers can utilize to sell their own products. Your business becomes more dependable while more people come to depend on you. eBay and Craigslist are examples of successful businesses that have chosen to utilize Listings Based E-Commerce Solutions.

Services Based

Each business has varying individual needs. To provide these businesses with the best possible service solutions, a business can utilize Services Based E-Commerce Solutions, which will allow the customer to choose what services they wish to utilize from that company. This allows the company to remain versatile and retain its ability to adapt to their clients ever-changing needs. LegalZoom and Life Lock are examples of Services Based E-Commerce Solution powered companies.